Choose Your Multi-Arts Adventure

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My Masterpiece – a creative, wholehearted and transformative multi-arts Movement led by husband-and-wife teaching-artists Rayyn and Anna Cortez, with Anna’s sister Kara Escay – sparks hearts, shifts views, stretches ways of being and creates breathing space – through creativity and the multi-arts.

Together let’s spark a culture of creativity! 

We’re here to inspire and enable you to shine and be the extraordinary masterpiece you already are! 

Be the Difference! Choose Your Multi-Arts Adventure…

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My Masterpiece Celebration packages include transformative art, live music, and amazing storytelling. Planning a party or celebration? Organizing a school, group, org, brand or corporate event? Book us and Celebrate the “My Masterpiece” way!

Ask us about our party and event packages 🙂

MMWORKSHOPS2. MY MASTERPIECE WORKSHOPS: Create yourself and your world!

Re-charge your spark. My Masterpiece Workshops include heart-sparking frameworks, view-shifting conversations and imagination-stretching multi-arts activities. Partner with us!

We design and coach-facilitate welbeing, communication and leadership workshops for schools (students grade 5 up + teachers, administrators, parents), communities, companies, families and organizations.

Bring My Masterpiece Workshops to your school, company, org or community today 🙂


3. MY MASTERPIECE MULTIMEDIA: Share your story with us!

We are MultiMedia Storytellers for brands, groups (schools, companies, organizations), and events (weddings, anniversaries, birthdays).

Awaken your senses. See your story come alive through writing, illustration, photography, video, original music, and amazing animation.

Ask us about our multi-media services 🙂


4. MY MASTERPIECE ART-WEAR: Wear your spark!

Life is a D:IY (Dare: Inspire Yourself) Project.

We’re all splots of possibility. We have the power to be anything and everything we choose to be. We create ourselves everyday. Through our concept art-wear, we share spark words that inspire us to celebrate and be the masterpiece that we already are.

Wear Your Spark! Ask us about our being bracelets, possibility pouches, bliss bags, wonder wall hangings and creativity kits 🙂

MMYOGA5. MY MASTERPIECE YOGA ART MUSIC for kids, tweens, teens and families

Experience yoga, art and music the “My Masterpiece” way.

This innovative home-grown program teaches yoga sequences and breathwork through wonderful interactive movement stories/poetry and draw & tells written by Anna, original alternative music performed live by Rayyn, and transformative art and how to see & draw facilitated by Kara.

My Masterpiece Y.O.G.A.© inspires students to BE a…
Y – Yes to
O – Oneness
G – Gratitude and
A – Adventure ©
The Masterpiece in Me Celebrates the Masterpiece in We… Each My Masterpiece Yoga Art and Music session is an engaging multi-sensory experience that allows children and tweens to move mindfully, breathe fully, be in the moment, connect with their inner spark, share themselves from their heart, journal creatively, collaborate with others, and celebrate the masterpiece that we all are. Join us at our partner studios/venues! * Email: * Website: *
Support the movement. Be a spark. Let’s celebrate the masterpiece we all are! Collaborate and partner with us today.

Contact Us! * 0917-5287301 * 211-9999 * *


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